Latest colour combinations for Pakistani dresses

Today’s fashion is very confusing and one needs to think a lot before selecting any colour for their new dresses. Where there are a variety of clothes and styles that we can find in Pakistan there is also too much experimenting with colours of the dresses that is done. If you are also confused then don’t worry just keep reading.

What colours are in?

Colours that were not really used before are really in now. There are more of dark colours that are used now. Some of them maybe dark green or dark/navy blue or dark purple. Not only dark but light colours are also used that give a sober look to the dress. White tones are used a lot. Lightest shade of every colour can be used and contrasted with a darker shade.

What colour to choose?

Try to use colours that you haven’t earlier. Use more of darker colour and contrast it with different shades, not just one but many. Choose black with gold or silver and even every shade of white like pure white, off white or cream again with gold and silver. This gives the dress a very elegant look.

Colours that suit you

If you have a darker complexion then don’t go for light tones like white or baby colours. You may go for dark colours and choose more of black for yourself. The ones with light complexion can go for lighter as well as darker tones, they would all suit you. You may use red colour, this would enhance your complexion. Those with a normal or fair complexion can try out any colour cause they would all suit you.



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