Latest Collection of Uth Oye shirts 2011-Line 2


Uth Oye” Pakistani emerging desi fashion brand is back with “uth  oye line 2“,  like previous year this year too they have come up with cause-based designs. In second line of uth oye Pakistani Actor Sultan rahi is given much preference which is giving this collection a pure desi touch and making line two much fun for the wearer.In this graphic T-shirt collection they used Quaid-e-Azam pictures with different wake up messages for Pakistani nation, they even used Rakshaws, Owls and Kameez Tery Kaali kind of slogan which is representing Pakistani culture in full desi tarka style. Different famous Pakistani Vj’s like Anoushey and Mahira, a famous program hosts of 4 men show and Pakistani Music band Strings are displaying their collection in Uth oye Line 2. So girls and guys do check out latest collection of uth oye 2011 which will no doubt give your personality “A big time fun desi PUNCH” 😉 For more information logon to

Uth Oye line 2

Strings in Uth oye latest collection

4 men show hosts displaying clothes for uth oye


Uth oye new collection 2011

Latest Pakistani fashion for girls 2011

Pakistani Vj’s displaying clothes of uth oye 2011

Latest collection for men


Uth Oye 2011

photo shoot for uth oye 2011

uth oye t-shirts for boys

Uth oye line 2 collection

Vj Mahira in uth oye collection

Vi Anoushey wearing uth oye collection

Uth oye t-shirts for girls 2011

uth oye line 2 collection for men and women

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