Latest Cambric Collection For Winter 2011-12 By Firdous Cloth Mills

Latest corduroy collection 2011 by Firdous Clothes has launched for this up coming season of winter.Firdous Cloth Mills has been started their work very past of 1970’s.Since then they has produced their latest and stylish collection for any season and occasion.This is a very glamorous winter collection by Firdous Clothes 2011-12.In this collection the fabric is pure cotton and very sharp color shades has been used according for this winter season.Latest cambric collection for women by Firdous clothes 2011-12 has very admirable and adorned with cuts and colors.

Latest Winter Collection 2011-12.

Latest Dresses By Firdous Cloth Mills.

Winter Dresses By Firdous 2011-12.

 Firdous Winter Collection 2011-12.


 Collection For Winter 2011.


 Eid Dresses For Winter By Firdous 2011-12.

Latest Collection By Firdous Cloth Mills 2011.

 Exotic Winter Dresses 2011.



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