Latest Bridal Makeup & Photoshoot By Ather Shahzad

When we begin to mention the name of some of the known and top famous photographers and makeup artist names then we never forget to list the name of Ather Shahzad on the top of the ranking. Ather Shahzad is the mainly distinguished and well known makeup artist and fashion photographer in Pakistan. With his professional career he has gained such big name and reputation status that cannot be denied at any cost of time. He offers the women with the makeup services for party events and wedding functions and even caters the brides with the bridal photo shoot as well. In this article we will be mentioning about latest bridal makeup and photo shoot by Ather Shahzad. On seeing this photo shoot it has been quite evident that there could be no best photographer and makeup artist then Ather Shahzad. The way he has employ the makeup over the bride faces and the way he has capture them inside the photos is just too exceptional and tremendous looking for the viewers.

This whole bridal makeup and photo shoot has been revolving around the Mehndi, Valima and Barat makeup. In this article we are pasting some of the out-standing pictures of latest bridal makeup and photo shoot by Ather Shahzad. In addition, when we look upon the Mehndi makeup then he has kept his strokes as much simple and elegantly plain that is even not hiding the actual face of the bride itself. Moreover, rest of the barat and valima makeup and photo shoots are also done with light and soft makeup and even the photography has been finished with full perfection and mind-blowing manner. If you are one of the forthcoming bride and you want to make yourself prettier with such latest bridal makeup and photo shoot of Ather Shahzad then you can get connected with him and get all the details about the rates and packages through the below mentioned email address and contact number now:

Email Address:

Contact Number: +92-42-35717264, +92 42 35764225, +92 42 35764226

Latest Bridal Makeup & Photoshoot By Ather Shahzad

Few Pictures Of Ather Shahzad Bridal Makeup & Photoshoot

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