Latest Bridal and Formal Dresses for Women at Sairaji

Sairaji is brand that has the mission to revive the haute couture and the traditions of the eastern subcontinent. It offers exclusive bridal dresses and formal dresses for women that are something that can add a touch of class to your look. Bridal Dresses by Sairaji are absolutely matchless. Inspired by the classical and traditional bridal dresses, Sairaji comes up with designs that are traditional but also have a modern edge to it and the blend of the two is heavenly and beyond imagination. Their Bridal Dress Collection is very feminine and at the same time meets our cultural requirements as well. On the other hand Formal Dresses by Sairaji are also something that can never get unnoticed for they are exquisitely designed with ultimate elegance and grandeur that brings up a boost in feminine beauty making them look even more beautiful.

White Formal Dress by Sairaji 

 Sairaji Dresses 002


Offwhite Party Wear Dress 005 

Offwhite Bridal Dress by Sairaji 006 


Latest Formal Dresses for Women 004 

Formal dresses by sairaji 001 

 Bridal Dress Collection at Sairaji 009

Bridal Dress by Sairaji 003 

Blue Formal Dress by Sairaji 007 

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