kiran malik pakistani fashion model

Pakistani Fashion and Television industry is full of talent. Pakistani actresses and models are not only known nationwide but are also famous internationally  Some of Pakistani models have showcased for international brands such as Gucci, LV etc. They are known for their style and grace. Their innate talent for acting and modeling has made them famous worldwide. Their fan following is not limited only in Pakistan but also internationally. KIRAN MALIK Pakistani Fashion Model is counted among such models who have made their mark in the fashion world. Her innate talent and altruistic sense for style has made her a successful model. Her beauty also plays a vital role in her success.In this article we will tell you about Kiran Malik Pakistani Fashion Model’s personal life as well as professional life as a successful model.

Personal Life Of Kiran Malik Pakistani Fashion Model

Kiran malik pakistani fashion model

This beautiful, sizzling and dazzling Pakistani Fashion model is known for her “Charming Smile”. It is said that she has one of the best smiles in Pakistani Fashion Industry. Kiran Malik was born in Karachi, and like many models she does not like to disclose her age. So, we can safely say that her age is Unknown. But if we try to make a guess we can say that she must be somewhere near her late twenties or early thirties. She is also considered to be a very passionate person in what ever she does. She loves to listen to Music. When asked during an interview about her Hobbies, she said

My work is my hobby, but u defiantly cant call me a workaholic   

She is also known to be a very fun person to be with. She is famous for her witty answer’s in the glamorous world of Fashion. Her charming smile and heart is another reason why every one wants to work with her. She is known for helping people, and getting them what they want. One of her best trait is that she loves to encourage models who have the potential.

Professional Life Of  Kiran Malik Pakistani Fashion Model

She has started her career few years back, and in such a short time she has captured hearts of many. Because of her “Oh-so-hot” catwalk, she has become the center of attention for many designers. The glamorous fashion world has polished Karin’s inborn aura of feminine grace and elegance. And because of her these attributes she has worked with some very famous designers such as PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week , Kamiar Rokni’s, HSY etc.

Beside having the innate sense of modeling, she is also considered to be one of the most photogenic model of Pakistani Fashion world. Kiran Malik Pakistani Fashion Model has also worked with different makeup artists and photographers. When asked form a designer to describe Kiran Malik he said

She is bold and beautiful among the fashion circles. The best thing about her is her clear heat, she wants the best for every one. She loves to encourage models who show potential.

We wish all the best to this beautiful Pakistani Female Model for her future life.


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