Kinza Hashmi in Uraan is a Force to be Reckoned With

With its thirteen successful episodes, Uraan on Geo Entertainment has captivated the audience with its extremely intriguing storyline revolving around greed, deception, love, and desires.

The drama is produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment, directed by Shaqielle Khan, and is written by Jahanzaib Qamar.

The cast is fresh and features popular faces like Kinza Hashmi, Adeel Chaudhry, Aijaz Aslam, Farhan Mili, Rubina Ashraf, Zainab Qayum, and many more.

The Haseen Heroine Kinza Hashmi Seizes the Spotlight

The leading lady Kinza Hashmi is grabbing all the limelight in the plot with her powerful role as Malika. Earlier, she played an equally compelling role of the fiery Rushna in drama serial Ishq Tamasha.

Malika is a young, ambitious girl but unhappy with the reality she’s currently living in. Disheartened to see her mother struggling to make ends meet with her sewing business, Malika wants to change her circumstances. She wants to carve a future for herself that is devoid of poverty and misery, achieving her wishes she dreamt of since she was a small child.


However, Malika is also naïve. She thinks poverty is linked to misery. She doesn’t realize that having all the wealth in the world doesn’t equal happiness. She sets out to create a fantasy world for herself, a happy place, where she believes she won’t face any qualms, and life will be beautiful. Unfortunately while chasing her materialistic dreams, she forgets where to draw the line. To achieve luxury, exquisite clothes, a good car, she becomes bitter and breaks hearts to attain her desires.


With her spot-on expressions and villainy touch, Kinza truly steals the show each time she goes on screen, and honestly, we couldn’t have possibly asked for a better Malika for the serial.

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