KESA Latest Collection 2012 by House of Lala

The lala textile is a very old and trusted textile company of Pakistan. Its famous labels includes La Feme, Sana and samia and Lala classics etc. Recently the house of lala has launched new brand named KESA. This brand is inspired by Japanies rich culture and the name KESA is inspired by japanes rob wear by monks. Few days back Kesa has launched its exciting first women fabrics range 2012. All dresses are beautifully designed which reflects a old heritage of sub continent. Mostly long A line shirts and frocks with embroidery and panels are included in KESA by lala latest collection. The feature model for Kesa latest collection 2012 is Mehreen syed. Lets have a look at elegant women latest KESA collection 2012 by the house of Lala

KESA Latest Collection 2012 by House of Lala

beautiful frocks fashion in Pakistan from Kesa by lala 2012

Mehreen syed in latest fashion women dresses 2012 by KESA, lala textiles

Kesa latest collection 2012 by house of lala or lala textile

Kesa by lala latest collection 2012 for women of Pakistan

Mehreen syed in Latest fashion frocks and A line shirts for women by house of lala

 Source: KESA by Lala

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