Kate Collection at The Shoe Snob, Footwear for Women

The Shoe Snob is a sister concern of Xenab’s Atelier, a fashion house that offers exclusively designed attire for women. The Shoe Snob brings a whole new experience for all you shoe lovers out there! The brand offers a wide variety of designer shoes for women that are nothing but a DREAM. Yes, you’d fall in love with them once you look at them! The Shoe Snob recently launched its new collection with the name of ‘Kate Collection’. The collection includes a variety of high heeled pumps that are absolutely GORGEOUS! Bold colours and the super-hot designs will make you go head-over-heels crazy for them! And that’s not it! The Shoe Snob also offers cutom made services with which you can have your shoes designed right according to the way you want, just send them a picture and they’ll do the magic! Order now at

Shoes by The Shoe Snob

Black High Heel Pumps by The Shoe Snob



Maroon High Heeled Pumps by The Shoe Snob

Pink High Heeled Pumps by The Shoe Snob

Footwear for Women

Hot Pink and Black High Heeled pumps by The Shoe Snob

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