Kami Sid Finally Opens Up About rape and Intimidation allegations

Pakistani popular model and Transgender activist Kami Sid on Saturday said that she was innocent of all the allegations leveled against her and that she has never committed the “horrible crime” she has been accused of.

Also in a message posted on her Facebook account, the model and activist addressed the allegations against her of repeatedly raping and abusing a now-deceased minor transgender girl, who went by the name Sana, in 2014 along with her partner Sid Kami.

“The case of allegations that my slanderers refer to is from 2014. Back then already, no legal charges were ever made against me. Nevertheless, both the NGOs that I was working with at that time and the Khwajasara community decided to investigate the case. It was decided that I would not be able to work with them anymore if I would be found guilty. Both investigated the case thoroughly,” she wrote.


“The investigation was painstaking and difficult for me. But I knew that I was innocent and had nothing to fear. In the end, indeed, both the non-governmental organisation I was working with and the Khwajasara community could prove me innocent and that all allegations made against me were rendered as being false. For me and the people that I work with the case has been closed since then,” Kami added.

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