Juggun Kazim Decorate Room for her Baby Girl

Soon to be Mother Juggun Kazim Decorate Room for her Baby Girl..

My Little Angel’s Baby Room juggan Kazim Said, As this is my first baby girl I decorated the room for her with a lot of effort, excitement & love.I kept the theme pink, grey and white while redoing and reusing a few old items. Some were gifts while others I already had but all had one thing in common i.e a lot of emotional attachment & loads of love. I hope you all like it!

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Juggun shared, “As that is my first child woman I embellished the room for her with lots of effort, pleasure & love. I saved the theme pink, gray and white whereas redoing and reusing just a few previous gadgets. Some have been presents whereas others I already had however all had one factor in frequent i.e lots of emotional attachment & a great deal of love. I hope you all like it!”

While talking about the decoration she said, “I have chosen light colours and went for three pink walls and a forest-themed wallpaper on one wall. I have kept two lamps for mellow lightning in the room.”

Juggun Kazim has kept everything simple yet elegant. She emphasized on how we can do decor by using old stuff and renewing old decor stuff.

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