Jia Ali Pakistani Actress and Fashion Model

Jia ali was one of the leading model and actress of Pakistani industry. She is recognized not only nationwide but also international. She has made us all proud by marking her mark in the fashion industry worldwide. She is not only a superb model but an excellent actress. Her inborn talent for acting and her devotion and dedication towards her work is a major key behind her success. Today she has reached to that level of fame, where many below her envy her. And she has managed to do all this in very little time.         ia Ali Pakistani Actress and Fashion Model

Personal Life of Jia Ali

Jia Ali also known as Gia ali was born on September 8, 1972. She was born in Christian family in Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. Jia always dreamed of becoming a successful model and actress. She also had the passion, the capability and the capacity of hard work needed to reach that height of success. She has four other brothers. Her one brother, Munna Mushtaq, is a fashion photographer. Her father Saleem Abbas resides in slough, UK. She has a very humble and down to earth attitude. Jia love life, during an interview when asked What does life mean to you? she said

For me, life is a source to have fun. My motto of life is Jeo aur jeney do. I don’t even like my parents to stop me when i am having fun. I thank my parents for bringing me into this world but on the other hand, I tell them not to interfere in my life decisions. Even when my mother was dying; her last words to me were, Beta hamesha khush raho.

Professional Life of Jia Ali

Jia started her career at a very young age of 19. Before she entered the glamour’s fashion world, she use to work in a very famous beauty saloon Deplix. It was from there, where she first was spotted and was given the chance to enter this life changing miraculous world of fashion, fame and popularity. Jia took full advantage of his God given opportunity, and made the best out of it. Her time of entrance in the fashion world of Pakistan was when; the concept of modeling was rare and kind of odd for people. Even then she managed to make her place not only in the fashion world but also in hearts of many Pakistani’s. This young female model broke the ice by giving bold and daring fashion shots during a less enlightened approach society held towards this profession.

In 1991, Jia Ali achieved international acclaim, after her ‘Wrangler‘ commercial. Subsequent to that, Jia Ali walked down the ramp in her very graceful catwalk for the first time and was soon noticed by big names in the respective field. While, she was in Islamabad, it is Nabila that noticed Jia Ali and introduced her to famous producer Sajjad Gul, who in fact, without a second notice, signed her for his movie. Jia Ali earned huge success from he debut appearance. And that started out with a series of acts in numerous movies which took her to heights of success. Jia Ali, who started off as a model, personally, worships modeling more than movies. When inquire about her views regarding movies i.e. Why are the Lollywood films not doing good business? She said:

They won’t do a good business until and unless our film makers adopt a professional approach. How can you expect good results from a film where a 45 plus actress performs the character of a college girl. Excuse me! Is this what you call film making? I dare to ask the Pakistani producers and directors to change their thinking and stop their partiality while making films. Let talent reign.


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