Ittehad Textile Printed Silk Dresses 2014 For Winter

Ittehad Textile printed silk dresses 2014 for winter season have launched.Ittehad Textile is a fashion label who has launched so many collection and gained a good response.After the great launch of embroidered linen dresses 2014 for women.Ittehad Textile has released this collection for young and modern girls.

Ittehad Textile is one of the Pakistan’s leading and demanding fashion brand.Ittehad Textile is a leading and oldest textile mills in our country.Ittehad Textile is a fashion label who has been working in the field of fashion since very past years ago.Ittehad Textile is a fashion line who offers seasonal and occasional collection for women.Ittehad Textile has now released their winter collection 2013-2014, in which linen dresses, cotton, khaddar dresses were added.After that collection, now Ittehad Textile printed silk 2014 dresses have launched.This collection has consists of dresses which have designed in stitched pattern these dresses have adorned with lovely prints and some lace work also done in this collection.Ittehad Textile us a fashion textile firm who has launched this collection for young girls.These dresses are looking awesome in their high quality fabric of silk.The embellishment of bright shades makes them beautiful and lovely such as green, beige, red, fawn and etc etc.They all are looking beautiful in their high ends and modernity.These dresses are perfect for young and modern girls.Just wait a bit here and have a look at these silk printed dresses 2014 by Ittehad Textile here below..

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Ittehad Textile Printed Silk Dresses 2014 For Women.

Ittehad Textile Dresses 2014.

Ittehad Textile Printed Silk Dresses 2014 For Women 4

Complete Collection.


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