It’s time for Social Media Followers to start Pairing Saboor Aly with Ahad Raza Mir’s Brother!

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir announced their engagement during Eid, sending fans of the previously-speculated couple into frenzy. Rumors had long been abuzz about the two actors being more than friends, however, everything was at most tight-lipped.

Sajal’s sister Saboor Aly has been over the moon about the couple’s announcement and has been incredibly celebratory about their new enticing chapter.

Saboor and Ahad’s brother, Adnan Raza Mir have been sharing their excitement as newfound siblings. Adnan earlier shared a picture of the two, congratulating Saboor:


Saboor later responded with another picture of the two and said “congrats DJ walay Babu!“ People have fallen in love with the two and their budding friendship – so much so that they’re shipping them together and asking if they’re next in line to tie the knot!


Well the social media followers is getting crazy over pairing the two siblings because they look so cute n pictures together. But Ahad brother has already called her his sister! But who cares! Love can take place from any side!

What your opinion about this pair?

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