Is Zoya Nasir Getting Married?

Zoya Nasir is a rising star in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. She is a famous makeup artist, actress and model. She gained popularity for her role as the super popular character Hania. She started her professional career in fashion and later engaged in acting. Is Zoya Nasir Getting Married?  Zoya Nasir started her career in the cosmetics industry. She works for a makeup company in England. She later appeared in the popular TV series “Hania”, and from this series began her new journey in acting career. Zoya Nasir wants to be an actress, but she loves these two professions. Famous German content writer and travel blogger Christian Betzmann and Pakistani model and actress Zoya Nasir are about to get married. According to media reports, Christian Betzmann, who was converted to Islam last week, will marry Pakistani famous model and actress Zoya Nasir.

Is Zoya Nasir Getting Married?

German content creator Christian Betzmann announced his conversion to Islam in an Instagram post. Bezman wrote in the title of his contribution: “Islam is a religion of peace. I feel a deeper connection. I want to experience it myself and explore more deeply.”

Is Zoya Nasir Getting Married?

“When I grew up in Europe, the word Islam was always associated with negativity, war and terrorism. To be honest, I was never a pious person. So I don’t care what people think at the time. His best friend from childhood We are Muslims, and deep in our hearts we are all human beings, just like what we call life.

In the comments section, Betzmann received praise from many other YouTubers and actors, including Zaid Ali, Sham Idress, Minal Khan and Zara Noor Abbas.

Christian Betzmann also visited various places in Pakistan, such as Skardu and Karachi. He continues to create creative blogs on the land of Pakistan.

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