Is Sanam Jung Pregnant?

Is Sanam Jung pregnant? After seeing her weight gain pictures on Style.PK, everyone is saying that she is pregnant!

Recently, we published Sanam Jung’s slim to fat journey and also shared some old and latest clicks of Sanam Jung which proved that she has added many kilos to her weight. If you haven’t checked that post, see it here: [Sanam Jung Weight Gain]

Now after seeing those weight gain pics, everyone is claiming that Sanam Jung is pregnant.

We can’t ignore this news, because we have ourselves seen the drastic change in her looks in these few months! She is becoming fat day by day.¬†Secondly, she has started wearing baggy outfits to hide her tummy!

Well, we are not 100% sure about the news, but we also can’t ignore the above mentioned proofs!

Here are some screenshots of the comments, that we got about Sanam Jung today:

Sanam Jung Pregnant


Sanam Jung’s Recent Click:

Sanam Jung Weight Gain

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