Is Mental Health Becoming A Challenge?

These days the workload and stress have become a part of our lives. To cope up with the ever changing world, every person is found to be busy in struggling for his survival in one way or the other. Extra working hours and lesser intention of taking off days–all this has made us feel trouble. It also has disturbed our health and mental relaxation. Various mental problems are arising due to stress, anxiety and over work.

Is Mental Health Becoming A Challenge

The problems of comping up with the mental diseases are becoming really serious. A lot of researches have proved that in men the rate of mental diseases is increasing tremendously due to the fact that they put too much work pressure onto their minds. It results in serious health and mental problems in them.


However, the exact treatments and medications to cure these diseases have not yet been unveiled. The scientists believe that most of the people, to get rid of their mental stress and anxiety becomes habitual of using drugs and heroin. For the temporary period, they find the use of drugs beneficial in order to make themselves relaxed. But they should know that these drugs and addicted products are good for nothing. These may give them temporary satisfaction, but instead these addicted products prove to be life killing for the users.

Scientists have also viewed that mental problems such as bipolar disorder arises as as result of various genetic abnormalities. These genetic abnormalities start taking place in the people who put too much pressure onto their minds and keep themselves busy all the time.


The conclusion of all the discussion above is every one should take serious steps in managing his/her workload in a proper way. Taking too much metal stress or keeping ourselves busy for long is not the solution of the problem but it is itself a dangerous problem which can make our lives horrible.

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