Iqra Aziz Replies back at Haters on her Viral Picture with Power

Well it would not be wrong to say that after winning so many hearts with the character of Suno Chanda, with the passage of each single day Iqra Aziz is becoming the main talk of the town. She has been one of the outstanding actresses of showbiz who won so many hearts in just the start of the career. But at the same time this actress has faced over with so much criticism and hatred from the fans. She has been posting so many of her holiday and personal pictures on her social media account where some of the fans and followers put her on the strike criticism arrow.

Check out this latest Iqra Aziz Picture:

This latest picture of the actress has been from the latest BTS shoot which she done recently and she wanted to share her new looking with the fans. But it feels like the fans did not her new appearance and hit her back so hard! She has been one of those actresses on showbiz who had always stayed positive in her criticism as well and does not reply back negatively or harshly towards the fans. But this time the actress could not stop herself and reply back with the statement in much a cool way. Here what the actress shared on her social media account:


No doubt that the reply statement of the actress is definitely making some point. She is not the only actress who faced so much criticism and negative comments. So many actresses face the same and they do take it as part of their profession. Such a cool attitude and gesture of this actress through this reply statement would be a big shut up call for so many of the followers who criticize her. Changing looks and coming up with the new appearances is part of her profession and followers and spectators needs to understand this fact. She has been always adorable with her looks and has always won the hearts with her strong acting skills.

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