Iqra Aziz Opens up about Unfollowing Celebrity Friends from Her Social Media Account

We all remember how well-known Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain commenced social media debates with his controversial remark on Hania Aamir’s picture.

The Janaan starlet Hania Aamir opened up about her zits and smashed all beauty standards which made waves on Instagram. Things acquired unpleasant when Yasir Hussain known as Hania ‘Danedar’ in mild of her opening up about her acne troubles.

Moreover, Hania Aamir additionally didn’t shy away and strongly hit returned pointing out that such jokes about serious issues are wrong on so many levels.


Soon after, Iqra Aziz also grew to become the part of the dispute and unfollowed a whopping range of her superstar pals on her Instagram account.

iqra aziz 2

After that, the Suno Chanda actress never observed them again and people are just curious to recognize the reason.

Last weekend, the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi held a question and reply session on her Instagram account where she was asked if she has added her buddies or not.

The actress replied:

iqra aziz 3


What is your opinion about it?

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