Iqra Aziz Opens Up About Her Controversy of Unfollowing Fellow Celebs on Social Media

Iqra Aziz, the industry’s sweetheart, has been in news for a long while now, by virtue of her splendid acting in Suno Chanda and Ranjha Kardi. Recently, she was all over our internet based life stages once more. This time, in any case, it was for reasons that have no significance to her acting profession. Various influencer accounts called attention to that Iqra had unfollowed some of her co-stars/peers including Imran Ashraf, Hania Aamir, Asad Siddiqui, Farhan Saeed and various distributions also. Yasir is most likely the main entertainer left she is as yet following.

In the midst of the majority of this, a great deal of was conjectured. Some were of the assessment that Iqra’s unfollowing binge was the consequence of the entire Yasir-Hania debate. Some others had different things to state. Rather than hypothesizing, we suspected the best course was to contact Iqra herself and see what she needs to state pretty much the majority of this:

Here we what Iqra Aziz herself needs to state:


“As a matter of first importance, it has literally nothing to do with the contention, and sincerely I would prefer even not to discuss it. In addition, I don’t think unfollowing individuals via web-based networking media expels them from reality. I have the majority of my individual stars’ numbers and not having them on Instagram will have no effect on the idea of our relationship/companionship,”. “Additionally, I don’t get why everything must be on the web, we should utilize online networking, not the other way around,” she proceeded.

Iqra then further discussed how when she meets Ranja Ranjha Kardi fans, they acclaim her, yes yet they acclaim Imran Ashraf considerably more and she wholeheartedly concurs with them since no one could have shown improvement over him. Unfollowing him on Instagram has no connection to their genuine companionship, says Iqra.

She at that point proceeded to discuss how the business should meet up as one major unit, bolster one another and ought to be joined against each issue that emerges and in the event that they can’t do that, at that point that is simply frustrating.

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