Iqra Aziz And Yasir Hussain Steamy AF Photoshoot is Not Essay to Handle At All!

I know, I understand – you’ve been reading about these two non-stops for, what, weeks now and you’re in all likelihood like. But who cares?” But if you’ve clicked on the link and you’re nonetheless around, you care a little bit, and that’s on you, my friend.

Anyhow, the newly engaged couple that has been the talk of the city due to the Yasir’s greater AF LSA idea is now returned at it again, making headlines, initiating greater conversation around their now-established fame as a couple.

Anyway, lower back to these two and what you’re all right here for. So, I was scrolling on Instagram and I found this gem on Iqra Aziz’s profile. It was once additionally shared on Yasir Hussain’s Instagram account as well.



Iqra also shared this photo of her satisfied and comfortable between Yasir’s arms. They’d each tagged the identical photographer though. So obviously, my sleep-deprived ass then went to the trend photographer, Shahbaz Shazi’s profile to discover extra gems. And boy, oh boy, I observed plenty.

Can we simply take a minute to discuss about this picture?

It’s a very aesthetically beautiful shot and I love the steamy vibe, honestly. Not complaining. Iqra received a solo picture too, and ma’am, would possibly I just say that you are serving major looks.

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