Interesting and unknown facts about Fahad Mustafa

Fahad Mustafa is a top riding model, actress and host of Pakistan. Initially he was known as son of famous character actor Salahuddin Tanio but now he has his own identity. There are many interesting facts about Fahad Mustafa that we don’t know. Here we have collected all those facts.

Facts about Fahad Mustafa:-

  • Fahad Mustafa was born on 26th june and his star is cancer. His birth name is Fahad Salahuddin.
  • Fahad Mustafa was doing B-pharmacy but he left it in third year and started his acting career.
  • He married to Sana Fahad in 2005 and he has one daughter.
  • His favourite actresses are Sanam Saeed, Sanam Baloch, Iman Ali and Sania Saeed.
  • Fahad Mustafa’s father and Sanam Baloch’s father are very close friends and Fahad introduced Sanam Baloch to showbiz This is one of interesting facts about Fahad Mustafa as well as Sanam Baloch
  • He introduced his production company at the age of 26. He produced drama “Kalaq” and Sanam Baloch was its lead actor.
  • Fahad Mustafa made his acting debut from serial “Sheeshay ka Mahal”. According to him, he liked his role because he was paid 2000Rs per episode. He bought a car from that money. This is one of facts about Fahad Mustafa that most of people don’t know.
  • Fahad Mustafa did twenty episodes of “Sheeshay ka Mahal” without speaking.

    Fahad Mustafa

    Facts about Fahad Mustafa


  • He never got any award although he has been nominated twice for his serials.
  • Atif Hussain’s “Veena” took him to the heights of fame. He impressed all with his performance.Fahad Mustafa Fahad Mustafa


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