Indian Wedding Dresses 2014 For Girls

All the way inside this article we will going to talk about the Indian wedding dresses 2014 for girls. As we all know that just like rest of the world the trends of Indian wedding dresses are even changing up quite quickly. Normally the Indian wedding dresses are highlighted with the saree, ghagra choli or lehenga or a shalwar kameez.

Indian Wedding Dresses 2014 For Girls 

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In the below we are going to list down some of the famous Indian wedding dresses 2014 that are making their favorite place in the hearts of women.

1.      On the first we have sarees as being one of the traditional wedding dresses. They are basically 6 yards of fabric that is all adorned with the beautification of embroidery or beautiful work done with motifs and stone. It is majority of times made from the fabric of chiffon, banarasi, silk, kanjivaram, etc.

2.      On the next we have lehengas and ghagra cholis. They are form of the full length skirt worn by means of a shorter or a waist length blouse and dupatta. The lehengas are all accessible in the styling of straight cut, A-line, full flare. It makes the bride appear out as glamorous and classy elegant looking on her main wedding day.

3.      Shalwar kameez is highlighted inside the form of long tunic that is all set with the fabulous work, weighty trimmings, patterns, and cuts. It is known as one of the most favorite clothing for the weddings in the Punjabi tradition.

4.      On the next list we traditional sarees. It is a piece of cloth which is 5 to 7 meters long as well as a blouse and a petticoat. It is all dressed around the waist with neat pleats. They have been divided into many categories adding with kanjiwaram, pochampolli, venkatgiri, kota, etc.

Hence all of these Indian wedding dresses make the bride feel out extraordinary stunning forever.


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