Indian Gooseberry for Glowing Skin

Indian Gooseberry has many health benefits and reason for that is its enrichment with Vitamin C. The berry alone can be used to fight Indian Gooseberry for Glowing Skin against signs of aging and falling hairs as well. Berry can also help to detoxify the liver and its enrichment of Vitamin C can also improves the digestion as well and add to this it can improve skin complexion as well. These were only few benefits from a non ending benefits list of Indian gooseberry, if you desire to have a glowing skin then facial mask of Indian Gooseberry will serve your purpose.


Gooseberry Facial Mask

1 Tablespoon Indian Gooseberry Powder

1 Tablespoon Honey

Take a bowl and mix the ingredients in it. Mingle the ingredients nicely and apply this paste on your face. Rinse the paste after 20 minutes. This home made remedy of Indian Gooseberry will not only help your skin fight against aging signs but will also give you glowing skin as well.

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