Imran Khan’s 3rd Wife – Rumor or Reality?

People are much concerned with the personal life of Chairman of PTI, Imran Khan. Pakistanis had much interest in his 2nd marriage as well. The issues among the married life of Imran Khan and Reham Khan were discussed everywhere. Now, Imran Khan was spotted in a wedding ceremony of a close friend in Manchester. Imran Khan’s pictures with a young girl are going viral on social media. Is it Imran Khan’s 3rd Wife? Are these rumours or is it true that he had tied knot for the third time. We will let you know as soon we get the news confirmed.

Viral Pictures of Imran Khan’s 3rd Wife

See Pictures of Imran Khan with a young girl that are going viral.

See Imran Khan's 3rd Wife

Imran Khan’s 3rd Wife


Imran Khan's 3rd Wife (2)


Friends and family of Mehak has denied the news and published a post on facebook stating that its just and rumour and Mehak is actually engaged to Hashim and Imran Khan was a guest in that wedding where Anil Kapoor was also present. This Misinformation is spread by PMLN Media cell.


Imran Khan 3rd wife Rumors


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