Imran Khan – Pakistani Model Complete Profile and Biography

Imran Khan is a well known Pakistani Model. This charming personality was born on 13th October 1988 in Pakistan. He loves poetry and it has been its hobby right from the childhood

Imran khan’s Biography

The work IMRAN means prosperity in Arabic. Imran khan is a famous Pakistani Male Model who has not only worked to huge fashion brands but has also done charitable work.He belongs to a wealthy family, he is brown eyed, 6”3 heighted, and has light brown hair.Imran Khan - Pakistani Model Complete Profile and Biography (8)

Imran khan is famous for his good looks and charming personality. He has a huge line of female fans ready to die for this happy go lucky man.  One of the best performances Imran Khan did was on 18th July with famous female models like Fouzia, Mehreen Saeed etc for style 360 channel

We, would like to conclude that Imran Khan is the pride of Pakistan and we wish this top model good luck in his journey to fame and success 🙂


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