Imran Ashraf Received Love from a Real Life for Being an Inspiration for Him

Imran Ashraf simply wrapped up depicting the simple-minded Bhola in the heartwrenching ‘Ranjha Kardi’ struck harmonies over the world. The show rose above outskirts for its firm interpretation of emotional well-being. Imran indeed demonstrated he was a power to be figured with, unarguably being the best contemporary entertainer in Pakistan.

A fan, Muhammad sent in a delightful video to Imran Ashraf, expressing gratitude toward him for his depiction of regularly disregarded individuals.  The video was recorded by his mom, who was helping Muhammad express his affection for Imran; “thank you for helping us and making mindfulness around Pakistan and the world that we do exist.”

“Much obliged to you for helping Muhammad,” said his mom. 


The actor himself shared the inspiring video on his Instagram account, and thus said thanks to Muhammad in a charming message:


This is the reason film and TV will dependably be such a significant medium to deliver societal taboos that would regularly go quieted. Bravo Imran Ashraf, you’re clearing the way for us all to step on.

No doubt that as soon as the drama would come to an end, this character would always stay fresh in the minds of the people.

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