Imran Ashraf Finally Met Muhammad “Real Life Bhola” and the Internet is Getting Crazy for It

Imran ashraf definitely is a wonder. The actor has redefined our industry with his credible decision making in drama roles, crafting him into the quality actor of our instances. His character bhola hit domestic for plenty, and it changed into the primary time our dramas have been trying to stimulate discussion round intellectual health – a huge taboo in Pakistan.

Imran has been lauded for helping improve awareness around issues like asd, adhd and asperger’s syndrome through bhola. A fan of bhola and imran, muhammad made a touching video together with his mom to thank the actor for losing mild on differently abled human beings. The ‘ranjha ranjha kardi’ actor recently went to Lahore to go to Muhammad and his circle of relatives and everyday a beautiful award presented to him by means of Muhammad himself.

Imran was delighted and expressed how we should show greater affection and attractiveness closer to in a different way able people.



“Simply met muhammad

jahan mil kar shadeed khushi hoi

wahan yeah jaan kar shadeed gham howa kay hamaray muashray mein muhammad jaisay bachoon ki popularity bohat bohat kam hai

aur maa baap mushkil mein hein

baitay ki wajha say nahi

loogoon ok bartaoo ki wajha say

in say pyar karein




That is actual award.”

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