Imran Abbas was the First Choice For Aashiqui 2, Not Aditya Roy.

Here we are with the proud news that Our Talented Actor Imran Abbas was the first choice of the Producers of mega hit ‘Aashiqui 2’ as the lead character of troubled singer named ‘Rahul Jaykar’ , not Aditya Roy. They offered to Imran Abbas But he Declined the offer.

On Confirming,  Imran Abbas  explained  that  he declined the offer because Akshay Kumar, one of his good friend, had offered him a role in Bollywood Movie ‘Boss’ , as he was under contract so he declined Aashiqui 2. ‘Boss’ was delayed because of its production merits, later it was decided that he will not work in the film’ Boss’.

He also got offer for a lead role in upcoming Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Ram Leela’, but he declined that also as he was bound by contract.

Imran Abbas Was The First Choice Of Director For The Mega Hit Movie "Aashiqui 2"

Imran Abbas Was The First Choice Of Director For The Mega Hit Movie “Aashiqui 2”


Imran Abbas maintains that money has always been a secondary factor for him while deciding on a role. He is here to do quality work and add roles to his resume that he will be remembered for and not for the money that he is offered.

Imran Abbas is willing to carry on his work in Pakistan as well as his connection can never end from Pakistan.

Imran Abbas is currently involved with the final shooting of upcoming Bollywood Film ‘Creature’ India’s first 3D ‘monster movie’ in which he is starring opposite Bipasha Basu. It is like ‘Jurassic Park’ and done by Prasad Labs. The film is being directed by Vikram Bhatt and is expected to hit screens in February 2014.

            Pakistani Actors and Work have always been praised globally and their appearance in the Bollywood and Hollywood movies proves that our celebrities are full of talent and determination.

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