Humayun Saeed explains Bikni Shots in JPNA

Humayun Saeed is top Pakistani actor and model. He has worked in number of dramas and is now seen in many movies. His upcoming movie is Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. When the trailer and pictures of Jawani phir Nahi Ani were released people reacted and said it is against our traditions. All the songs with Bikni girls were criticized. But in a recent interview Humayun Saeed explains Bikni Shots in JPNA.

Humayun Saeed explains Bikni Shots in JPNA in these words:-

“My films are an open book, I don’t hide anything. There are bikini wearing women on the beach, because we were showing Thailand. In actuality, there are women in Thailand that wear bikinis at beaches. If we’re shooting the scene there might as well show what’s real. You’ll notice the women in bikinis if your mentality is like that. Otherwise, we just showed a scene at the beach”.

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Humayun Saeed also defend Hamza Ali Abbasi saying:-

“His take on the whole issue was that we shouldn’t highlight or show women in bikinis. In the songs as well as the trailer, he was always like ‘Yar ye kyun include kiya?’, but I was adamant”.

He said we are not saying to people to come and support our movie as they are already supporting our movie.

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