Humaima Malick Is a Proud Zalmi

The bold and the beautiful Humaima Malick , embodied in a shirt engraved with the bold letters ‘Peshawar Zalmi team’, strikes like a lightning bolt. This news of her being not only the first but the only female representing a Pakistani cricket team did not take us with a surprise as Humaima malick is famous for her known vigour and the fact that no one can manoeuvre for what she has planned for herself in life; she scrupulously believes in following the heart, and her association with the Peshawar Zalmi team is solely because she holds a high opinion for the APS and Charsadda martyrs. She gleams with pride as even after impetuous attack at APS and Bacha Khan University nothing could diminish the courage and enthusiasm of youngsters of this city.

She deems that among the four teams, Peshawar Zalmi has truly risen up to its audacity and much appreciated courage .Her continued love and fascination with the students is commendable as it is the only motive that inspired her to get allied with the Zalmi team.


Humaima Malik Zalmi

The euphoria of cricket has been passed on to her from one generation to another .She believes that Pakistan is a land where cricket is not merely played but in fact is celebrated; PSL in this regard is a fresh breath of air for Pakistanis and the jubilation that it has brought to them is praiseworthy .

Watch out as Humaima Malick and the Peshawar Zalmi team led by none other than Shahid Afridi a.k.a ‘Lala’ , are all set to nudge all the plausible strings of cricket lovers.

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