Huma Khan Pictures And Biography

Here we will discuss Huma Khan pictures and biography. As we know that Pakistani fashion industry is considered to be best fashion industry in this world. Any fashion industry is incomplete without models and fashion designers. Apart from fashion designers, models hold great importance in the fashion industry. Pakistani fashion industry is filled with beautiful and talented female models. If we talk about beautiful, hot and talented female models then we should mention the name of Huma Khan. She is one of the emerging but talented fashion models of Pakistan. In this post, we will discuss the personal and professional life of Pakistani model Huma Khan.

Huma Khan Pictures And Biography

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Personal Life Of Huma Khan

Firstly, we would like to discuss the personal life of Huma Khan. She was born on 17th September 1990. Her birth of place is Lahore. She is one of the young and talented fashion models of Pakistani fashion industry. Huma Khan is famous for innocent and attractive looks. She has an ideal height. We would like to mention that Human Khan looks beautiful in every type of eastern and western dress.

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Professional Life Of Huma Khan

Now we would like to discuss the professional life of Huma Khan. Well, Huma Khan entered into the Pakistani fashion industry as a model since few years back. In a short time period, Huma Khan has gained huge popularity and positive response. Till now, Huma Khan walked on ramp in different fashion weeks. Apart from fashion weeks, Huma Khan also did modeling for different top and popular brands like Gul Ahmad, Urban Studio, Nishat Linen, Zahra Ahmad, Tena Durrani and many more other brands.

Overall, we can say that Huma Khan is a beautiful, attractive and talented female model. For her fans, we are sharing the few pictures of Huma Khan in which she looks beautiful and stunning.


Few Huma Khan Pictures And Biography

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