HSY attended Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding

It’s 1981. Diana Spencer is on her way to the St Paul’s Cathedral to wed the future King of Britain, Prince Charles in a stunning carriage. There’s a plethora of people on the streets of London to catch a glimpse of the future ‘People’s Princess’.

Among the very same sea of people, Pakistani designer HSY was trying his best to have one look at the bride of the day. The ace designer took to Instagram recently, as he shared what unfolded that day when his mother held him up on her shoulders so he could see the procession.

He went on to add, “She held me up on her shoulders the entire time so I could see beyond the sea of people in front of us. I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the Royal Carriage with the beautiful Queen of Hearts waving to the jubilant crowd as it passed us by. It was a magical moment. I was captivated.”

The popular designer then reminisced the time when he was invited as a guest to the state dinner when Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Pakistan last year in October.


“Fast forward to this picture. The Royal visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. This meeting held a very special meaning for me. On the same year I was celebrating my 25 years in fashion, it felt like I had come full circle,” he continued. “I had worked so hard to be where I was in life. My mother and sister had sacrificed so much to bring me to this place. You can imagine what this felt like for me.”

HSY concluded with few words of wisdom.

“Life is beautiful. Hard work and perseverance can make any dream a reality. Respect and kindness can open new avenues. Hope is all we need. Never lose that. Stay hopeful everyone. This too shall pass,” he wrote.

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