How to trim mustache

Today we will talk on How to trim mustache.

A debonair, neat and well-styled mustache is a matter of gratification and looks that defines men’s persona and nature. If you’ve resolute to have a beard or mustache, then that’s really a great idea as mustache makes a man look manly as well as graceful. It brings a mannish and masculine touch in one’s style and personality. But just keeping and growing a fastidious style of mustache is not sufficient enough. What it really need is to keep a check on it to make sure it looks neat and styled by trimming and grooming it on regular basis.

As well styled, spruced and groomed mustache indicates a man with well-developed and highly sensitive sense of personal style and approach towards appearance. Well-groomed and neat mustache gives an impressive glance to one’s look. On the other hand a man with beards and mustaches that are untrimmed, messy, overgrown with untidy looks is like a man having an untidy nature with no sense and interest in grooming and keeping himself styled and groomed.

Amir Khan mustache

Amir Khan mustache

So, for styling and keeping your mustache groomed it is necessary for men to have tools and know how to trim a mustache and dapper their facial hair with ease and for professional touch. Trimming your mustache frequently and on regular basis should be a part of your normal routine. If you are uncertain of how to trim a mustache and give it a manner or a look which go well with your personality and nature, then you need to learn how to trim a mustache first or else you’ll wind up looking untidy and muddled or may be with no mustache.

Akshay Kumar mustache

Akshay Kumar mustache


One of the best, simple and very useful ways in which you can trim your mustache is with a mustache and beard trimmer. But most people trim their beard using a pair of scissors which require a lot time and proficiency than electric trimmers and are not even ideal to shape and trim.  Using an electric mustache trimmer will be much better and easier option. To trim your mustache you can also use a clipper or else you can go with the conservative and out-mode means that is a regular shaver and scissors.

Always invest bad buy carefully a good and high-quality mustache clipper and scissors. It is recommended that you use an electric trimmer which will be much quicker and easier to control and will give a professional touch.

Trimming, styling and maintaining a mustache is not an easy job. So here we will give you some basic, informative and essential tips and guide on how to trim a mustache. You will have to get first few basic tools and things for appropriate trimming for great and graceful looking mustache.

You will need:

• Mirror.

• Very thin and fine-toothed mustache comb.

• Scissors, beard trimmer and a razor.

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Follow these basic tips and guide on how to trim your mustache and style it to perfection:

1. Let your mustache to grow to appropriate length as it will be easier to trim and style it.

2. Before trimming soften the mustache by applying water and shampoo.

3. Now comb your mustache downwards.

4. Now with the help of scissors or a beard trimmer, first trim the outside corners of the mustache in whatever shape and length you want.

5. Then give the mustache shape and trim using a comb to the desired length carefully and cautiously along the top lip.

6. After that style the mustache.

7. Now you can also clear and clean up the top or pinnacle of the mustache by shaving away extra and stray hairs with the help of a sharp blade razor.

Shahid Kapoor mustache for his movie Mausam


Shahid Kapoor mustache

While styling your mustache, always select a style that complements and go best with your facial features, suits and signifies your lifestyle and also gives you a graceful, elegant and neat look instead of what you prefer and like.

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