How to Stand Out This Wedding Season

Wedding season in Pakistan, a never-ending series of dholkis, mayyuns, mehndis, nikkahs, baraats and valimas. Even if one loves the color and drama of a big fat Pakistani wedding, the sheer scale of the winter marital marathon is exhausting.

With the preparations starting well in advance ranging from 6 months to a year everyone is making an attempt to stand out from the crowd and each day of the festivity they want to look different to the day before.

Learn How to Stand Out This Wedding Season

And this is achieved with the most extensively worked dresses to hair styles that look contemporary, chic and yet in line with the tradition. A strong emphasis and thought is put into making sure that the same hair style or the dress is not shared any other attendee. This has given rise to the demand of couture one of a kind dress; this is not just for the bride but the attendees as well, making it one of the most extensive industries in Pakistan.

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One of the things that people usually notice is pretty eyes, something that engages the audience and makes them take notice of you. Especially for us Asians light colored eyes have always had its charm and allure. Cosmetic lens is the answer to getting your desired eyes it’s an easy way to add drama and craziness to your eyes. In today’s world getting the desired color is as easy as coordinating a nail color with your dress since now you can coordinate your eyes with your dress for event. Though there is a fair amount of variety available in the market it is very important that you choose the right product for your eyes, as that is a sensitive area so no compromise should be made on the quality.

The leading international brand in Pakistan is Freshkon Color Fusion, available in a variety of shades that suit the Asian skin tones. Keeping the quality as their highest priority and providing a suitable range for the Pakistani clientele keeping their skin tones in perspective.

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The range includes misty grey, groovy greens, sky blue, perky brown, cool green, warm hazel, romantic violet and baby aqua .

A good advice is always to study your skin tone, color of your dress and the makeup you choose for the event when deciding on the color of lens.

Make sure that you are ready this season with a pair of Freshkon lens for those alluring eyes to go with your outfit and dazzle the wedding affairs this season

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