How to Remove Glitter from Nails?

It is no wonder if you have applied the glitter onto your nails to attend the night function. But the season of using shimmer glitters which are usually chemical containing is not way a sparkly option. The ladies who are habitual of using nail polish and shiny glitters usually keep their nails long and healthy looking. For this they follow various steps of applying and removing these materials in a perfect way.

How to remove glitter?

Glitter can be removed from your nails in the two best ways.

1. By using aluminum foil.

2. By applying cuticle oil.


In the first method, the women make use of aluminum foil to remove glitter from their nails. The best trick to go with this procedure is to make its use at night before you go to sleep. Take aluminum foil and apply onto your glittered nails. Let your nails remain as such throughout the night because this is a time consuming process so you need to let the foil work the whole night. Once you wake up in the morning, don’t forget to remove the aluminum foil as early as possible. It would also remove the glitter from your nails as soon as you wash your hands with soap. The foil, although has no side effects for the natural look and color of your nails. But still I would recommend you to remove it as early as possible and use it rarely. This tip will let you enjoy any nail art design.


How to Remove Glitter from Nails?


With cuticle oil, there is no harm for your nails. This oil contains essential nutrients to keep your nails look beautiful and gorgeous. You can apply this oil onto your glittered nails thoroughly with the help of cotton. Once you feel that the glitter and color has been totally removed, you are free to wash your hands. It will keep your nails beautiful and healthy.

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