How To Properly Use Rollers

You can make a lot of hairstyles with help of rollers, the only rule which implies here is that you know who to properly use them. So, in today’s beauty article we will tell you how to properly use rollers.

 How To Properly Use Rollers

There are different ways you can use a roller. You can add volume to your hair or you can make curls, you can even make a beautiful hairstyle. Following are the tips on how to properly use rollers.

how to properly use rolelrs

Straight Hair

Incase you have straight hair and you want to add a nice curls, not a problem. Just get the medium rollers and use them. All you have to do it take small parts of your hair roll them on the roller, blow dry your hair in the particular way and then leave it for 5 minutes. After then remove the rollers and WOW you have your curls.

For Volume

You plan to add volume to your hair with help of rollers. The big rollers will do for you in this case. Roll and collect your hair and dry them if necessary around the head on separate locks, then spay them with hairstyle products. Then use the hair-dryer on them and remove the rollers after 5 minutes. Comb your hair carefully with a brush and you get the desired result.


For Waves

Planing to have waves ? Use a foam on wet hair, and then put medium size roller and dry your hair with cold air of hair-dryer. Take off the rollers and carefully put into final shape the waves with brush or fingers.

For Curls 

Want playful curls incase you have straight hair we would suggest that you choose foam rollers. If you have no time to wait for it to dry naturally use diffuser. Do not comb and just use your fingers to shape curls.

Wavy hair

Now we will talk about how to properly use rollers if you have wavy hair. You can choose silky smooth hair, curls, or just to keep volume without waves.

To straightening

For this purpose you need the rollers with Velcro. The first thing is that your apply serum for straightening on wet hair and dry them with help of a big brush, make sure you dry each strand of hair separably. When the hair is already dry, carefully remove the rollers and at the end sleek the hair with the brush.

Volume Without Curls

Choose medium metal roller with Velcro. Section off hair into strands, roll and dry. Remove the rollers, spay with spray for shine and set into order the strands with your fingers.

For Curls

You need small plastic roller. Wet the hair, rub in a little gel and then roll each strand. Leave the hair dry naturally or if you have no time, use diffuser. When the hair is completely dry remove the rollers and put into final shape with fingers.


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