How to Match Tanning Lotion to Skin Tone

Are you in love with sun-kissed glow of your skin? Well, every female dreams for the same. It is not easy to match tanning lotion to skin tone till you know a few of the things. Today I am going to tell you a secret of how to match tanning lotion to skin tone. I am sure this article would be useful for you.

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Skin Tone

Tanning Lotion to Skin Tone – Black Skins

Don’t worry if you have black skin. It is a part of life that some of us have white skin and some have black. In order to match tanning lotion to skin tone of black color skin, you can give preference to lotions containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is an ingredient that gives the black skin ladies flawless and gorgeous look. Ask your skin care expert of which company or brand is the best to go with. I am sure you would get satisfactory answers from them.

Tanning Lotion for White and Lighter Skins

The females with white and lighter skins have to give preference to the tanning lotion that contains lesser chemicals. It is due to the reason that if you go for a lotion that is made of too many chemicals and lesser natural products, chances are your skin would turn to dark color and pimples and wrinkles would be developed.


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Skin Tone

I can confidently say that you don’t want it at all. In order to match tanning lotion to skin tone with white and fair complexion, you must give preference to milk-containing and cream-containing lotions. Those that have aloe vera, butter, and honey like ingredients are the wonderful items to go with. These are going to give you flawless skin and would prove to be beneficial season after season. Such lotions are available easily in the markets.

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