How to make a romantic hairstyle for date?

Hairstyle is an important feature of your make over and look. If you are going on romantic date and you want to have a stunning look then don’t go for a casual hairstyle. You don’t need to go to saloon for having romantic hairstyle for date. We already have tutorial of a romantic hairstyle for date. Romantic hairstyle is quite different from other simple hairstyles. Here are simple steps to make a romantic hairstyle for date.Romantic hairstyle for date tutorial


Steps to make a romantic hairstyle for date:-

  • Comb your hair back to make them smooth and easy to handle.
  • Grab few hair from the middle and put elastic along.
  • Now, in the same way you need to create a braid from the hairs at the centre.
  • Now the hair which are kept in elastic and are now in the shape of braid, needs to be folded back to create the rose look alike.
  • This will end up in a rose in the bunch of your silky hair.
  • You can leave the rest as it as and this flower will be clearly visible in the bundle.
  • For more romantic look you can put a red rose on the side of your braid.

You can see the results. By making this romantic hairstyle for date, you’ll look pretty and you will enjoy the best moments of your life with style.Romantic hairstyle tutorial

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