How to Hide Skin imperfections

If you think that there are some imperfections on your skin and want to hide them, then we have the right makeup tips for you, it will How to Hide Skin imperfections_01provide you the best ways to get rid of dark spots and imperfection. Concealer is the best makeup utility that will help you get the desire results, make sure to buy a concealer that matches your skin tone and one important tip that you should all follow is, whenever you want to apply concealer on your skin, prepare your skin with a light SPF moisturizer. Use these easy to use makeup tips to hide imperfection of your skin tone.


First of all, you all would know that skin under your eyes is transparent because of which it usually tends to look dark. Whenever you want to give your self an even skin tone, you must use concealer.

If your face has trouble spots and imperfection, then apply a thicker concealer cream over it and then use makeup sponge and lightly press over it.

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