How To Give Yourself a Facial Massage

Massaging is one of the most important thing for you skin. It is because of massaging that your skin gets hydrated, looks fresh and cotton soft. As you must be aware, that there are zillion benefits of massage. Among those countless benefits one important benefit is; massage helps in removing stress and tension. Face is like a mirror to our stress. If we are upset face is the first place where our stress and tension becomes noticeable. So to eliminate the affect of tension from your face you need to massage it. The bone plates of the face allow for a sturdy but gentle massage. And in today’s  beauty article we will tell you how to give yourself a facial massage. 

 How To Give Yourself a Facial Massage

One key factor that we should always remember is; facial massage should be done once you have applied an application of cream and lotion, please do not try to massage your face without applying something greasy before. Our face skin is very sensitive and vulnerable, and if you fail to give proper protection to it, the skin will easily be traumatized. Massage basically invigorates the skin, improving the blood flow and facilitating the production of collagen and elastin. 

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Before we get to how to give yourself a facial massage, we need to know the reason behind giving these massages. There are 5 reason for which one should do facial massage.

  1.  It removes tension and stress
  2. It helps in toning face muscles.
  3. It also helps in improving  your face complexion.
  4. It enhance the production of elastin and collagen
  5. Postpones the appearance of signs of aging.  

Following is some simple rules for how to give yourself a facial massage.

Neck massage


For neck massage, what you have to do is; stretch your fingers, but keep them firmly together and use them to massage your neck starting from the bottom and then slowly moving upwards. Try using the back of your hands for stroking your neck from bottom up

Massage of the chin

Next comes the massage for the chin. The first thing you have to do is to place your left fist under your chin, then use your right hands middle finger and stroke your chin bottom up and slowly all the way to the lower lip. Then next thing is place your middle, index and ring finger of both hands on your temple, so that you can reach your chin with your thumbs. With the help of your thumbs massage your chin thoroughly and properly.

Lip massage

For lines, start with the laugh lines. Use your fingers to gently in circular motion to smooth out laugh lines The place your let hand on your left check and trace your mouth with the index of your right hand. Do the same for the right chin i.e. trade hands and repeat the process.

Nose massage

The important factor in massage the nose and all its near by areas is that you should first use horizontal and then circular motion. Then gradually move from the side of your nostrils towards your cheekbones and finish at the base of your ears.

Cheek massage

Place your fist under your skin for securing the skin, and then proceed with soft circular motion starting at your chin working up to your earlobes. Then repeat the process, replacing circular motions with patting.

Eye massage

After closing your eyes start from the inner corners, apply gentle pressure and gradually move towards the  outer corners of your eyes. Then come back to your inner corner, but replace stroking with patting motions. Then head towards the outer corner with circular motions and return with the padding motion to the inner corner. Use only two of your fingers.

Forehead massage

The last tip for how to give yourself a facial massage if of forehead massage. First place fingers of both your hands in the center of forehead and then move your right hand finger towards the right temple, and the left hand towards the left temple. Repeat this process many times, using light patting as the motion.

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