How To Get Smooth And Soft Feet

Okay ? So, how many of you are having problems with their feet, as in they feet have become hard due to several reasons like walking to much on heels, or walking to much with flats, or the worst walking without any shoes on. Though in winters it rare that we encounter the problem of having hard and damaged feet. Because we prefer to wear socks, boots or pumps which keep our feet neat and safe. Where as on the other hand and especially during the summer season we run away from socks and boots like we might run when we see a snake.Though there are some girls who are that particular that they wear pumps or boots and socks even in the scoring heat. I often wonder don’t their feet melt !!. So girls like them are less likely to face problems regarding feet. This beauty article , How To Get Smooth And Soft Feet,  is for girls like me who prefer to wear flats with min-um straps on them.

How To Get Smooth And Soft Feet

The constant exposure of your feet to the sun can not only destroy the complexion but also the can cause skin damage. Your feet will start to feel hard and Rough Callous. But don’t worry we will help you in getting back your feet in their soft and silky smooth form.

How To Get Smooth And Soft Feet

Method 1

Step 1 :- Soak your feet in warm water on a nightly basis. Avoid hot water, which can make dryness worse. Instead, fill a tub with warm water, puncture a vitamin E capsule and drain the contents into the tub. Submerge your feet for five minutes, which will help soften the skin in preparation for the pumice stone.


Step 2:- When you’ve soaked your feet, use the pumice stone to exfoliate the rough skin on your feet. Take care that you don’t buff away all of the calluses–they help to protect the delicate skin on your feet. Just buff away flakes and dead skin for smoother feet.

step 3:- Coat your feet in a thick coat of good-quality moisturizer. Once your feet are coated, slip on a pair of thick wool socks.This will help warm the moisturizer for better penetration and smoother feet. If possible, sleep with the socks on so your feet get overnight moisturizing.

Method 2

Step 1:- Take water in a bowl, and make it lukewarm, not boiling because boiling water in summer can cause more damage than it can be of help.

Step 2:-Then put 2 tea bags of Green Tea in the lukewarm water. 2 Tea bags are equivalent to 2 table spoons of Green Tea.

Step 3:- Dip your feet in the mixture for at least 15 – 20 minutes.

Step 4:- The dipping process will soften the dead skin on your feet, which can now be easily removed. Get a pumice stone and rub your feet with it gently.

Step 5:- Now apply the feet scrub, i normally prefer Hollywood’s. Scrub your feet very gently for 10 minutes or so.

Step 6:- Wash off the scrub and apply a moisturizing cream leave it on for better result. And you will feel your feet soft and beautiful again

For Better result try any of the above method at least once a week. Because having beautiful feet is not only considered fashion but also healthy.


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