How to get rid of white head pimples fast?

Are you worried about your white heads? Are the white bumps making you feel sad when you go out? If your answer is Yes, then its time for you to get rid of white head pimples. There are various ways introduced by beauty experts to get rid of white head pimples fast. But to be honest all these tips and tricks are good for nothing because they result in oil accumulation and darkness of your skin. The chemicals and artificial materials used in skin care creams and other beauty products provide you nothing but a feel of ashamed before others.

How to get rid of white head pimples fast1

Tips to follow:

The best ways to get rid of white head pimples faster is to take help from the homemade products and skin care treatments. White heads which are also called as comendones become a harder and tough part of your facial if not treated in a timely manner. But my following tips and ideas can surely be helpful for you to get rid of white head pimples in no time.


  1. A girl facing the problem of white head pimples and wrinkles should wash her face regularly thrice a day. She should also take care of the fact that she should use only quality soaps or face wash which can prevent her skin from the unnecessary white heads and pimples faster.
  2. Steaming your face is yet another ideal method to get rid of whit head pimples. Steaming water lets you have a glowing skin because it opens up your pores and give a refreshing look to your face.
  3. Using masks of clay can ensure you to remove the dead skin cells from your face, neck and hands. If you are going to plan of making a clay mask for your self then you should be ensured that you don’t keep it stuck onto you skin for a long. In that case, it can seriously damage your face and become the reason of dryness. Use honey-mask.
  4. The ladies who get disturbed by steaming their face can also use warm water to wash their face. Using warm water and a soft towel can ensure you to have a white head free skin. Make it a part of your daily routine that you would not let your skin pores close and would only use branded face wash and warm water to clean your face.
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