How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

How to get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy? This is the question often asked by the expecting females. It is common that stretch marks affect the skin especially the parts around the abdomen and even the places under your neck. But their appearance can be reduced. You need to change your lifestyle and keep yourself away from the hectic life.

Eat Healthy Diets

In order to get rid of stretch marks during pregnancy, the females should eat skin-nourishing diets. You will probably ask which are the most suitable foods in this regard! The super-foods include strawberries, spinaches, blueberries, milk, fresh juices, broccoli, avocado, nuts, seeds, fresh salad, sweet potatoes, carrots, and mangoes. Other than this, you should prefer to have sufficient amount of fish, oil, eggs and chicken.

See Home Remedies for Scratch Marks

Get Rid of Stretch Marks


Stay Hydrated the Whole Day

The pregnant females should use water in excess. This can keep your skin cells strengthened and healthy. Drink as much water as you can. Staying hydrated is also important because it balances the body pH. Drinking about 10 glasses of fresh water every day is helpful to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

You can also eat fruits and veggies with water. Consume green leaves, strawberries, honeydew, watermelons, etc.

Do Exercise and Stay Active

Doing exercise is highly recommended by doctors to the pregnant females. This helps to retain the glow and elasticity of your skin naturally. As you are going through tough times of your life, you need not to worry because the moments will soon be turned into happy days when you have a baby with you. Do exercise upon the recommendation of your doctor. Stay active to get rid of stretch marks.

The doctors usually prescribe to try special pregnancy yoga and low-impact exercises. Both yoga and Pilates can give you comfortable feeling.

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