How To Get Pink Lips With Home Remedies

Well getting soft, pink and glossy lips is the want to each single woman. We have often seen that many women faced the trouble of getting the dark lips that can take place because of the humid temperatures, exposure to direct rays of the sun, stress, low blood circulation, failing to remove lipstick, using low quality cosmetics, smoking, using too much fluoride, chemotherapy, chewing tobacco, illness, weather, ignoring your health and a hectic lifestyle. Now the main question is that how we can get pink lips by the way of home remedies. Below are some of the effective and simple best tips that will help out men and women to make their lips pink and soft just by sitting at home.

How To Get Pink Lips With Home Remedies

How To Get Pink Lips With Home Remedies
Tips To Get Pink Lips With Home Remedies

1. Moisturize Your Lips:

When you are going outside you should moisturize the lips with the help of petroleum jelly or lip balm.If you are living inside house you should use some coco butter. This will going to make the lips soft and pink.

2. Use Pomegranate Seeds and Milk:

If your lips are dark and dull then you can even make the use of milk with pomegranate seeds. You can simply crush the seeds and add it with the milk cream. It does not have any side effects. It will going to keep the lips soft and moisturized ones.

3. Apply Cucumber Juice:

If you want to slow down with the darkness of the lips you can apply a bit of cucumber juice. You just have to rub the slices of cucumber on the lips until the juice doesn’t get soaked. This will going to act as the moisturizer for the lips.


4. Mix Rose Petals in Milk:

For treating the lips to get pink shade you can use rose petals with milk as well. You just have to use some rose petals in milk for a little bit of time. Then you have to add few drops of both glycerin and honey. By gently carrying out the massage you will find your lips and glossy by the end of the day.

5. Massage with Lemon Juice:

You can even carry out the massage with the lemon juice as well. Massaging with lemon juice can exfoliate dead skin cells of lips and make them pinky ones.

6. Apply Berry Mixture:

Just take a paste using raspberries and then mix it with some aloe vera juice and pure honey. You just have to apply it on the lips in the form of massage. Berry is all added with the vital vitamins and minerals that will going to keep the lips healthy and therefore vibrant.

7. Mix Turmeric Powder with Milk:

Turmeric powder with milk is even taken as one of the best home remedy against dark lips. You can simply add with the Turmeric powder and gram’s flour to light your lips. But make sure one thing that you are applying it at the time when the lips are dry and dull.

8. Mix Honey, Almond Oil and Sugar:

You can massage the lips by using sugar, honey and a little bit of olive or almond oil.

9. Scrub with Toothbrush:

Every night before going to bed you can scrub the lips with the help of toothbrush. This will going to free the lips from dryness and dull appearance.

10. Remove Makeup Before Sleeping:

On the last you have to make sure that you remove the makeup before going to sleep. Sometimes makeup can even give huge harmful side effects to the lips.
So all the women out there if you want to get glossy and pink lips then don’t forget to follow the above mentioned tips right now!

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