How To Fix Damaged Hair

Despite the summers, we still have to attend parties, function or get together’s, and want to look are best. For that we try different hairstyles may it be simple straightening or curly’s. Hair-styling on regular basis can destroy and damage your hair. In today’s beauty article we will be discussing the basic things which cause hair damage and also talk about the simple steps to get your hair back to health.

How To Fix Damaged Hair

How to fix damaged hair ? before we come to this question we need to concentrate on the reason which cause hair damage. And following are the reasons which cause hair damage.


Heat Damage

Of-course many of us are familiar with the hot tools, and the effect they have on our hair. Hair dryers and irons fry off your hair’s cuticles, the first line of defense against dryness leaving the cortex exposed. The parched cortex is left no choice but to soak up moisture from the air to compensate, causing frizz. And if you continue using hot tools on damaged hair, it will become even more brittle and eventually break off completely, warns Overton.


How to fix damaged hair ?

Now we come to answering the our question. How to fix damaged hair ? Before you blow dry your hair or towel dry your hair try any heat protection beauty products, like Pantene Pro-V Medium- Thick Style Heat Protection & Shine Spray.Also if you have to use blow dryer, try to use blow dryer with powerful airflow, because it will reduce styling time and minimize heat exposure. Also, attach a nozzle to create a safe distance between your hair and the dryers piping-hot metal coil.

Try the following 10 second healthy hair test.

10-Second Healthy Hair Test

Pluck a strand from your head and drop it into an eight-ounce cup of water. The faster and deeper it sinks, the less protein and moisture it has. If you hair floats, it’s healthy.

Chemical Damage

The second reason behind your damaged hair is Chemical Damage.  To many chemical treatments like constant hair coloring, highlights damages your hair beyond repair. Chemical penetrate into your hair eats away the protective lipid layer. This is the layer that keeps your hair nourished and glossy.

Howto fix Damaged Hair?

Try to do a stream treatment once a week. Or after shampoo apply conditioner with protein and essential fatty acids to wet hair.

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