How To Do Night Time Moody Makeup

You are back from work tired and then you remember you have to attend a party, you simply can’t miss it. The biggest problem after deciding dress is going to be your makeup. If you are not up to doing smoky makeup you can always do the night time moody makeup with help of our tutorial. In today’s beauty article we will tell you How To Do Night Time Moody Makeup.

How To Do Night Time Moody Makeup

Following are the tips on How To Do Night Time Moody Makeup .

How To Do Night Time Moody Makeup


Following are the things you will be needing for doing night time moody makeup.

Black sparkle Liner:- Incase you have no idea about it, try sephora Jumbo Liner 12HR Wear Waterproof in 16 glitter.

The next thing that you will be needing is the black liquid liner. Use any black liquid liner you want to use.

Also you will be needing a Black Kajal Liner, so that you can fill in your inner lids.

The last thing you will need is Pearl Sparkle Shadow Stick. You can try NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Holly woodland.


Following are the steps on How To Do Night Time Moody Makeup.

The first step is that you sweep the upper lashline with Jumbo Liner. Make it thick and then stop just before the crease but you can certainly include it.

The second step is that you trace the lower lashline, but not as thickly as the above one.

To intensify things trace the liquid liner just along the upper lashline.

Then you have to rim the inner waterline with Kajal liner to make the eyes really piercing.

How you we leave out Mascara. Coat your lashes with mascara

The last step is to dab the pearl shadow stick on the inside corner of the eye.

Bellow is the graphical demonstration of How To Do Night Time Moody Makeup.


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