How To Do Makeup For Big Eyes

Makeup varies according to your eyes. If you have small eyes, the way you put on shades will deffer from people having big eyes. But if you thinks its easy to do makeup for big eyes, its not true. It is equally difficult to do makeup for big eyes. Though big eyes are considered to be beautiful. If you do not wear makeup correctly on them, you might turn this beauty of yours into something else. In today’s beauty article we will tell you how to do makeup for big eyes. 

How To Do Makeup For Big Eyes

Following are some tips for How To Do Makeup For Big Eyes

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Shimmery Eyeshadows

If you have big eyes, Shimmery eyeshadows should be your first choice in eye-shadows. As these shimmery eyeshadows will make your beautiful and make them stand out. A little shimmery will make your eyes stunning. You can also apply matte color along your lash line and then add the shimmery eye shadow on the lid, just under your lower lashes. This will really enhance your eyes.

Apply Mascara On The Bottom Lashes

Another great tip among the tips on How To Do Makeup For Big Eyes  is Apply mascara on the bottom lashes. This trick will really enhance your eyes. Applying mascara on the lower lashes helps them stand out, which in results helps the eyes to stand out. Incase you are not a linear lover and you have big eyes. You can always do the trick of applying mascara, and then putting kajal.

Use White Eyeshadows

Another great way to enhance your eyes is to use White eyeshadows. White eyeshadows will make your eyes stand out. You don’t have to apply the eyeshadow over your whole lid, but applying them at the corners of your eyes will do the trick.

Highlight Around The Brow Bone

You can also the white highlighter around the brow bone. This will enhance your eyes and make them look beautiful.

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