How To Do Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes

Do you have hazel eyes and want to learn  how to do eye makeup for hazel eyes. Check out our today’s makeup article. In this beauty article of ours we will tell you How To Do Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes.

How To Do Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes

Following are the tips on How To Do Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes. 

makeup for hazel eyes

how to do eye makeup for hazel eyes

The first step is to apply proper base before you start with your eye makeup. Base or foundation is a prerequisite thing for eye makeup


If you have dark circles or pimples we suggest you apply concealer on them. Once done with concealing we will move to the next step that is How To Do Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes.

The first thing the is important before you begin with your eye makeup is that you should apply you favorite eyelid primer. This will help in keeping your makeup intact.

In case you have light brows, we suggest you fill them with a brown or black brow pencil. Color of the pencil depends on the shade of your eye brows.

Now comes the most important step, choosing an eye shadow which will complement your hazel eyes. The recommended colors for hazel eye include :  purples, browns, deep greens, peaches, and golds. Aim to choose a color according to what colors in your eyes you wish to draw out most. Like Purple eye shadow can highlight the gray and green color in your eyes, where as green eyeshadow can highlight the green. Blue eyeshadow can bring forth more blue and Eyeshadows that are too light or neutral may cause your eyes to look washed out. If you want to use neutral colors, use a strong eyeliner to add definition and refocus on the eye color.

The trick is; first apply medium color all over your lid. Blend well up to the crease of your eye.

Then take the darkest color you wish to apply and blend it properly into the crease of your eye.

Apply the second lightest color on the area above the crease and blend it properly into the dark color on the crease.

Lastly, apply the lightest color in your pallet or a pearly white to your brow bone as a highlight. Once done blend all four colors properly.

Then take brown eye linear and apply it on your eyes. The shape of the linear depends on your eye shape.

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