How To Apply Makeup On Dusky Skin

The believe that only if you are fair you are pretty has come to an end. The world has started looking are dark skin beauties, and there are many around the globe. One important thing that women with dark skin needs to keep in mind while choosing makeup products is that every color will not enhance their skin tone. They have to be careful while choosing the makeup products.In today’s beauty article we will tell you How To Apply Makeup On Dusky Skin

How To Apply Makeup On Dusky Skin

Following are some tips on How To Apply Makeup On Dusky Skin.

How to apply Make up For Dusky Makeup


For dusky skin it is very important that you chose the right shade of foundation. You have to make sure that the foundation does not make you look ashen or pale. The foundation should enhance and compliment your skin’s undertone. You should stick with colors that are muted to avoid looking over the top. For enhancing dark skin tone you should use a foundation that is light in texture. Most importantly blend your foundation properly.



If you have dark circles or you want to hide any other discoloration of the skin you should use concealer. But make sure that you use orange or red-based concealer to neutralize the darkness. Once you are done using the concealer do not forget to set it lightly with loss powder.


Now which color of blush on color will go with dusky skin. This is a very important question not every color will go with your skint tone. So you should be very careful while choosing the blush on color. We suggest you use peachy coral, deep orange and burnt pink blush colors on the cheeks. These colors add warmth to your dark complexion.


When it comes to lipstick, you might be surprised to know that reds with burgundy and browns do excellent with your dusky skin. If you apply dark burgundy lipstick shades they instantly add glam to your lips. Also incase you are using lip liner we recommend that use lip liner that is close to the shade of your lipstick

Eye Shadow

Last but not the least we have to decide which eye shadows would go with your dusky skin tone.Eye shadows are very important for your makeup. What we recommend is that its better that you avoid light, powdery and bright color eye shadows. Dusky skin is best for smoky makeup. . It is recommended to use eye shadow in dark browns, green, deep purple, copper, prunes and burgundy shades.

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